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So-ho, so-ho it's back to work we go

London Advertising: signed a lease for office space in Brewer Street, Soho

Adland’s gradual return to the office continues, with London Advertising signing a new lease in Soho, where the company started 13 years ago.

Like everyone else, London Advertising staff were forced to decamp to their homes during the pandemic, leaving behind their offices in Clerkenwell and Shoreditch.

Now, London Advertising has a new base in Brewer Street, equipped with 14 desks and focused around a shared meeting area.

Founder Michael Moszynski told Campaign: “The consensus is we all wanted to work somewhere that was more than just somewhere to go to work, which has the buzz, energy and life we have all been missing.”

Moszynski said the ethos is more flexible than previously, with no-one having a fixed desk, and external agencies and freelancers using the space as a hub.

He added: “I think people were really keen to re-engage, we have young people who need to be mentored and the interaction is crucial I think to what being a creative agency is about.”

In terms of Covid precautions, all staff attending the office will be double-vaccinated and Moszynski said the policy is now one of common sense, adding: “We just make sure that people can have space if they want it.”

It comes as the prime minister Boris Johnson said he wanted to see a gradual return of people to their workplaces. He said on Monday it was up to individual employers how staff returned, but emphasised that there were benefits to workers being based in the same location.


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